Shade & Flowering Trees


  • Ginnala — Amur Maple
    Glossy, green leaves change to fall shades of yellow, orange and red. Extremely hardy, rounded habit.
  • Ginnala ‘Flame’ — Flame Amur Maple
    Glossy, light green leaves in spring change to a brilliant fiery red in fall. Cold hardy, rounded habit.
  • Palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’ — Redleaf Japanese Maple
    Burgundy red foliage turns brilliant scarlet in fall. Blackish red bark for winter interest. One of the hardiest with good sun tolerance.
  • Palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ — Bloodgood Japanese Maple
    New foliage emerges red and retains color in fall. Horizontal branching habit. Thrives in partial shade and moist soil.
  • Palmatum dissectum ‘Inaba Shidare’ — Red Select Japanese Maple
    Tiered, weeping habit on a dwarf plant. Fast grower with delicate, lacy, burgundy leaves in summer turning crimson in fall.
  • Palmatum dissectum ‘Viridis’ — Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple
    Broad, rounded habit. Narrowly lobed, green leaves that create a lacy appearance and turn golden yellow in fall.
  • Palmatum ‘Shaina’ Std — Dwarf Japanese Maple
    New, dwarf compact form with dissected leaves that mature to a maroon-red. Sun tolerant but welcomes afternoon shade.
  • Palmatum ‘Wolff’ — Emperor I Japanese Maple
    Attractive red foliage turns brilliant scarlet in fall. Interesting blackish red bark. Leaf buds open later in spring.
  • Platanoides ‘Crimson King’ — Crimson King Maple
    Purple leaf tree that holds its foliage color throughout the season. Dense shade tree.
  • Platanoides ‘Drummondii’ — Harlequin Maple
    Dense foliage and broadly margined creamy-white on green leaves. Slow growing and tolerant of poor soils.
  • Platanoides ‘Royal Red’ — Royal Red Maple
    Hardiest purple-leaf maple. Holds color well through the season. Dense tree, somewhat rounded tree that is good for shade or as an accent in the garden.
  • Rubrum — Native Red Maple
    Native hard Maple, rapid growth with light green leaves that turn to an array of gold, orange and red in fall. Well adapted to a variety of soils.
  • Rubrum ‘Embers’ — NEW Embers Red Maple
    Reliably red fall foliage and improved tolerance to urban conditions make this tree an excellent addition to an open or parkland setting. Fast growing.
  • Rubrum ‘Northwood’ — NEW Northwood Red Maple
    Selected for uniform shape and hardiness, this slightly smaller cultivar of native red maple has terrific red fall color.
  • Rubrum ‘Armstrong’ — Armstrong Red Maple
    Upright, narrow form and fast growth. New foliage is red turning green then orange-red to yellow-orange in fall. Smooth silver-grey bark.
  • Saccharum — Sugar Maple
    Slow growing tree, well-known for its maple syrup in spring. Yellowish-green leaves turn yellow to orange-red color in fall. National tree of Canada.
  • x Freemanii ‘Autumn Fantasy’ — Autumn Fantasy Maple
    Fast growing, oval form with green lobed leaves followed by outstanding crimson color in the fall. Prefers average to wet conditions.
  • x Freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’ — Autumn Blaze Maple
    Upright, fast growing with ascending branching and a dense, broad oval crown. Leaves are deeply cut and turn orange-red to scarlet-red in fall.

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