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Privacy Policy

We collect personal information on a strictly voluntary basis, for the sole purpose of providing you with information regarding our services. We will use any personal data provided to supply you with the requested product information as well as any updates or additional information that we believe may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to use this information as a basis for further contact with you, please advise and we will respect your wishes.

Greenlife Wholesale Nursery will not sell this personal information to other companies.

Terms & Conditions

Terms: Cash and/or credit card payment must accompany orders

Prices: Prices are FOB at the nursery and are subject to change without notice

Sales Tax: HST is added to all sales and delivery charges

Orders: If ordered stock isn’t available due to crop losses or other causes beyond our control, your order could be made void, in whole or in part

Grading: All plants are graded according to the standards established by the Canadian Association of Nurseryman

Packaging: Greenlife will charge you for all boxes, bales and shipping pallets used to transport your order; boxes are not returnable

Shipping: We require full shipping directions when you place each order; freight charges are billed at cost for all shipments

Customers: If your customers prefer to pick up their plants themselves, they should give us at least 24-hours notice after their order is confirmed

Guarantee: At Greenlife, we conduct our business with honesty, fairness and integrity. All our plants are guaranteed to be in good condition when they leave the nursery. Once they’ve left our property, it’s up to you to provide your client with a guarantee. We stand by our products. If the stock we sell you doesn’t live up to the name or quality we promised, we’ll replace it with other stock or return the amount you paid. Greenlife won’t be held responsible for any amount greater than what you originally paid for the stock.

Claims: If you find any problems with your plants, you must make a claim within five days of the pickup or arrival of your order, so please check your plants right away

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