Shade & Flowering Trees


  • Palustris — Pin Oak
    Tall tree of the red oak group with broad, pyramidal crown. Upper branches ascend, middle branches horizontal and lower branches descend. Catkins are followed by rounded acorns with shallow, saucer-shaped. acorn cups.

  • Robur ‘Fastigiata’ — Pyramidal English Oak
    Columnar tree with short trunk and upright branches. Leaves turn brown in autumn and often remain on tree.

  • Robur ‘Nadler’ — NEW Kindred Spirit Pyramidal Oak
    Extremely narrow form of pyramidal Oak. Perfect for tight spaces that need a strong vertical accent. Tolerant of urban conditions.

  • Rubra — Red Oak
    Round to broad-spreading crown. Fast grower with dark green leaves that are greyish-white underneath. Foliage turns brownish-red in fall. Acorn fruit with flat, saucer-shaped cups.

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