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  • Rubrifolia — Redleaf Rose
    Reddish-purple foliage and pretty single pink flowers in early summer followed by purple hips in autumn. Very hardy.
  • Rugosa — Rough Rose
    Very hardy shrub rose with single flowers in July followed by ornamental fruit.
  • Rugosa ‘Alba’ — White Rough Rose
    Pure white, fragrant flowers and dark green foliage. Produces hips in the fall.
  • Rugosa ‘Purple Pavement’ — Purple Rough Rose
    Large ruffled blossoms with a purple-red color and strong fragrance. Dependable repeat bloomer, especially good for late display when the blossoms turn to large hips.
  • Rugosa ‘Hansa’ — Double Rough Rose
    Double, violet-red, very fragrant blossoms start in early summer followed by large scarlet hips.
  • x ‘Knockout’ (red) — Knockout Rose
    Bright red, large blooms with single flowers that last.
  • x ‘Seafoam’ — Seafoam Groundcover Rose
    Spreading groundcover rose or climber. Rebloomer with creamy white, lightly-scented flowers from mid-summer to fall.

Flower Carpet Series

Ground cover rose with a long flowering season. Easy to care for and exceptional disease resistance.

  • Red Carpet Rose
  • Coral Carpet Rose
  • Pink Carpet Rose

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