• ‘Angelina’ — Angelina Stonecrop
    Low-growing, needle-like foliage is bright yellow in spring and changes to orange in fall.
  • Dazzleberry —  NEW Dazzleberry Stonecrop
    Smokey blue foliage and hot pink blooms that flower earlier than other stonecrops. Spreading habit.
  • Spectabile ‘Autumn Fire’ — Autumn Fire Stonecrop
    Chartreuse-yellow leaves with a narrow blue-green, serrated margin. Cream buds open to large clusters of light pink flowers.
  • Spectabile ‘Autumn Joy’ — Autumn Joy Stonecrop
    Hardy, upright selection with light green leaves and deep rose flowers which age to bronze.
  • Spectabile ‘Matrona’ — Stonecrop
    Upright and sturdy, this variety has pale pink flowers on ebony-red stems. Deep grey-green foliage.
  • Spectabile ‘Purple Emperor’ — Purple Emperor Stonecrop
    Deep purple succulent foliage with dark reddish-pink stems. Plum-hued buds become star-shaped flowers in dusky orchid shades.
  • x ‘Xenox’ — Dark Purple Stonecrop
    Dark purple foliage with small, scalloped edged leaves. Green and mauve in spring and darken to purple. Rose colored flowers.

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