• Paniculta ‘Blue Paradise’ – Blue Paradise Summer Phlox
    Tall, lavender blue blossoms with a white center and a tiny red eye. Fragrant.
  • Paniculata ‘Bright Eyes’- Bright Eyes Summer Phlox
    Tall, fragrant pink blooms with a red eye. Mildew resistant.
  • Paniculata ‘David’ – White Summer Phlox
    Enormous heads of fragrant, white flowers. Bright green foliage and sturdy form. 2002 Plant of the Year.
  • Subulata ‘Blue Emerald Cushion’ – Blue Creeping Phlox
    Lavender blue flowers.
  • Subulata ‘Pink Emerald Cushion’ – Pink Creeping Phlox
    Vigorous variety with a showy display of deep pink flowers. Excellent disease resistance.
  • Subulata ‘Red Riding Hood’ – Red Riding Hood Summer Phlox
    A compact variety that is fragrant with cherry-red flowers.
  • Subulata ‘Snowflake’ – White Creeping Phlox
    Loose clusters of large, star-shaped, pure white flowers.
  • Subulata ‘White Delight’ – White Delight Creeping Phlox
    Moss phlox, forms a low mound or cushion of dark green needle-like leaves covered in tiny white flowers.

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