• Lactiflora ‘Blaze’ NEW (single red)
    Single red, fragrant flowers hold up well to June rains.
  • Lactiflora ‘Bowl of Beauty’ (semi-double pink)
    Japanese style, large, single flower of bright rose pink with a contrasting creamy-yellow centre.
  • Lactiflora ‘Coral Charm’ (semi-double coral)
    Coral, semi-double with yellow centre.
  • Lactiflora ‘Duchesse de Nemours’ (double white)
    Fragrant, large, double white flowers with glossy green foliage.
  • Lactiflora ‘Karl Rosenfeld (double dark pink-red)
    Light rose petals surround an ivory white center. Japanese variety that blooms in late spring.
  • Lactiflora ‘Moon of Nippon’ NEW (single white)
    Single white, fragrant flowers. Strong stems and lighter flowers hold up to rain.
  • Lactiflora ‘Nymphe’ NEW (single pale pink)
    Pale pink, single flowers.
  • Lactiflora ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ ( double pale pink)
    Gigantic, double, apple blossom pink flowers. Fragrant.
  • L Intersectional ‘Bartzella’ (semi-double yellow Itoh)
    Semi-double pastel yellow flowers with small rose purple flare in centre. Sweet fragrance. Cross between garden and woody tree type paeonia.

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