Germanica Varieties

  • Harvest of Memories — Yellow Bearded Iris
    Fragrant, all-yellow Iris with widely ruffled petals. Vigorous grower.
  • Immortality — White Bearded Iris
    Ruffled, soft white petals with pale, lemon-yellow beards. Strong, sweet fragrance.
  • Superstition — Purple Bearded Iris
    Ruffled, black purple petals with a hint of maroon. Tall bearded iris.

Pallida Varieties

  • Argentea Variegata — Variegated Sweet Iris
    Green leaves with broad white variegation. Lavender blue, fragrant flowers.

Siberica Varieties

  • Caesar’s Brother — Siberian Iris
    Deep purple petals with yellow and white blaze with black veining. Tall foliage remains beautiful until frost.

  • Ruffled Velvet — Siberian Iris
    Red-purple standards, darker purple, velvety falls and a black and gold blaze.

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