• Albomarginata (undulata)
    Medium green leaves with wavy white margins and grey green streaks in center. Pale lavender flowers. Sun tolerant. Large.
  • Aureomarginata (fortunei)
    Spinach green leaves with a hint of blue and golden-yellow margins. Pale lavender flowers. Sun tolerant. Large.
  • Big Daddy (x)
    Large, chalky-blue leaves that are rounded, cupped and puckered at maturity. Near white blooms. Good slug resistance. Large.
  • Blue Ivory (x) NEW
    Wide, pure white margins and strong blue centre make this hosta stand out in the shade garden. Medium.
  • Blue Mouse Ears (x)
    Thick round, blue-green to grey-green leaves. Perfectly symmetrical mound. Lavender flowers. Miniature.
  • Brim Cup (x)
    Compact, clump form. Wrinkled, broadly ovate to heart-shaped, dark green leaves with wide, irregular, pale yellow to creamy white margins. White flowers turn pale blue. Medium.
  • Captain Kirk (x)
    Wide dark green margins and gold centers. Pale lavender flowers. Medium.
  • Deja Blue (x)
    Blue-green with paler green margin. Cream line between margin and centre. Lavender flowers. Medium.
  • Drinking Gourd (abiqua)
    Large, corrugated deep blue leaves. Leaves fold upward creating a cupped effect. Large.
  • Earth Angel (x)
    Blue-green with creamy white margin. Lavender flowers. Extra-Large.
  • Elegans (sieboldiana)
    Large leaves and solid blue-green color. A classic. Near white blooms. Extra-Large.
  • First Frost (x)
    Blue-green with creamy yellow margin. Lavender flowers. Medium.
  • Fragrant Blue (x)
    Bluer than most ‘blue’ Hosta. Heart-shaped glaucous leaves. Fragrant white-blue flowers. Large.
  • Fragrant Bouquet (plantaginea)
    Light apple-green leaves with wide, pale yellow to cream margins. Leaves are broadly ovate and wavy. White flowers and slug resistant. Large.
  • Francee (fortunei)
    Medium to dark green, glossy, heart-shaped leaves have narrow, clean white margins. Wide, low mound of foliage with lavender flowers. Sun tolerant. Large.
  • Frances Williams (x)
    Giant, blue-green leaves have very heavy, chartreuse to yellow margins which become wider as the plant matures. Leaves are corrugated and slug resistant. Lavender-white flowers. Large.
  • Fried Green Tomatoes (x) NEW
    Large, perfectly heart-shaped, medium-green leaves are striking in their simplicity. A vigorous grower. Large.
  • Gold Standard (fortunei)
    Pale to golden yellow and dark green margin. Fast growth rate. Lavender blooms. Large.
  • Golden Tiara (x)
    Small, rounded pale green leaves with a regular, creamy-yellow margin. Medium.
  • Great Expectations (sieboldiana)
    Thick, puckered, broadly ovate leaves are slug resistant. Wide, irregular, blue green margins surround a center that changes from chartreuse to yellow then to creamy yellow and finally white. White flowers. Slow grower but worth it. Large
  • Guacamole (x)
    Green-yellow, with darker green margin. Large, shiny corrugated leaves. Near white blooms. Large.
  • Hadspen Blue (x)
    Clean, blue green leaves. Broadly ovate with a flat margin. Medium.
  • Halcyon (tardiana)
    Leaves are frosty blue-green and pointed. Pale blue-violet flowers. Medium.
  • June (tardiana)
    Pointed, ovate leaves have distinct beautiful variegation. Wide, streaked blue-green margins and chartreuse centers. Pale, bluish-lavender flowers. Medium.
  • Krossa Regal (x)
    Frosty blue-green leaves and graceful, vase-like habit. Wavy leaves are slug resistant. Lavender flowers. Extra-large.
  • Liberty (x)
    Blue-green centre with cream-yellow margin. Broadly ovate, slightly twisted leaves with flat margin. Large.
  • Loyalist (x) NEW
    A sport of Patriot, with reverse variegation of thin dark green margins with pure white centres. Strong variety not prone to melting.
  • Minuteman (x)
    Similar to Patriot, with wide, crisp white margins and deep green centre. Medium.
  • Patriot (fortunei)
    Ovate leaves have dark green centers and outstanding, crisp, white streaked margins. Slightly wavy leaves and lavender flowers. Large.
  • Pewterware (x) NEW
    One of the best blue hostas available, this variety holds its color well. Medium.
  • Royal Standard (plantaginea)
    Narrow, oval medium green leaves with highly fragrant, white flowers that bloom in late summer. Large.
  • Sagae (x)
    A classic. Large, green leaves and thin, creamy margin and strong rippling. Large.
  • Stained Glass (x) NEW
    A sport of Guacamole, this hosta has an irregular, medium green margin which streaks into the lime-green centre. Improved sun tolerance. Medium.
  • Striptease (x)
    Pointy, ovate green leaves with a distinct narrow gold centre and white streaking between centre and margin. Medium.
  • Sum & Substance (x)
    Broadly ovate leaves vary from light green to chartreuse to gold depending on degree of sun exposure. Corrugated and glossy foliage. Pale lavender flowers. Extra-large.
  • Touch of Class (x)
    Thick, pointy, blue-green with pale yellow centre. Pale lavender flowers. Medium.
  • Wide Brim (x)
    Dark green leaves with wide, irregular margins of buttery yellow. Purple flower. Medium.

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