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  • Always Afternoon (mauve)
    Striking plum purple eye zone and a green throat. Petals are crimped with thin buff pink edges.
  • Apricot Sparkles (peach-pink)
    Ruffled, apricot-colored blooms repeat until frost. Continuous bloomer.
  • Barbara Mitchell (pink)
    Beautiful soft pink blossoms with celery-green throat. Petals edged with deep flowing ruffles.
  • Big Kiss (pale peach)
    Cream peach flowers with a rose center. Double daylily that is slightly fragrant. Blooms mid-summer.
  • Bold Tiger (bright orange and red)
    Bright orange fragrant flowers with a large, red eye and yellow-green throat .Fragrant, single daylily that blooms midsummer.
  • Final Touch (bi-color pale and hot pink)
    Prolific buds open to large flowers with alternating hot pink and pale pink petals. Very floriferous.
  • Frans Hals (rust-yellow)
    Large bicolor blooms of alternating yellow-orange and deep orange petals.
  • Fulva (orange)
    Naturalized from the garden, these orange lilies are a common sight along roadsides.
  • Happy Returns (yellow)
    Yellow fragrant flowers and continuous blooms.
  • Hyperion (lemon-yellow)
    Large lemon yellow flowers with a classic Lily form. Light, fresh fragrance and green throat.
  • Joan Senior (white)
    Large white ruffled flowers with yellow-green throat.
  • Jolyene Nichole (rose)
    Dwarf variety, has very large medium-pink ruffled flowers with a lemon throat. Early/mid season repeat bloomer.
  • Mauna Loa (amber gold)
    Amber gold large flowers (to12 cm) with deep red edges and green throat.
  • Mini Pearl (melon-pink)
    Melon pink, fragrant flowers (to 8cm). Early and extended bloomer.
  • Mini Stella (golden yellow)
    Small, golden yellow slightly fragrant flowers. Continuous bloomer.
  • Pardon Me (cranberry red)
    Large, cranberry red fragrant flowers with yellow-green throats.
  • Phenome (peach-apricot)
    Stout buds open to amazing double peach colored blooms. Rebloomer.
  • Primal Scream (gold-orange)
    Large, slightly ruffled, glowing apricot flowers. Rebloomer.
  • Purple D’Oro (purple)
    Lavender blooms with yellow throat and ruffled edges. Continuous bloomer starting mid season.
  • Rosy Returns (rose-purple)
    Fragrant rose purple ruffled petals with deep rose eye zone and yellow throat.
  • Ruby Stella (ruby red)
    Slightly fragrant, deep ruby red version of the classic yellow Stella D’Oro.
  • Stella D’Oro (golden yellow)
    Fragrant golden yellow flowers, compact habit, repeat bloomer.
  • Strawberry Candy (strawberry pink)
    Red tinted edges and strawberry-red eye zones with yellow throat.
  • Sunset Fire (deep orange-red)
    Orange red large (12cm) flower with yellow gold throat.

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