• (Pulsatilla) Vulgaris — Pasqueflower
    Violet-purple flowers, followed by fuzzy seed-heads with a powder-puff appearance, drought tolerant, olive-green leaves. Also available in white.
  • Robustissima — Grape-Leaf Anemone
    Pink-white flowers on tall stems above thick, dark green foliage. Toughest of the fall anemones. Purple-black fall foliage.
  • Sylvestris — Snowdrop Anenome
    Spring blooming. Single, pure white flowers on short, bare stems above dark green, shiny foliage.
  • x ‘Honorine Joubert’ — Honorine Joubert Windflower
    Single, pure white flowers with a yellow centre.
  • x ‘September Charm’ — September Charm Windflower
    Taller than the species. Creamy pink flowers, darker on reverse of each petal.

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