Ground Covers


  • Kamtchaticum ‘Variegatum’ — Variegated Creeping
    Stonecrop Yellow flowers in early summer, variegated leaves. Drought tolerant and easy to grow.
  • Reflexum ‘Angelina’ — Angelina Stonecrop
    Spruce like succulent with yellow foliage. Foliage turns reddish-orange in the fall.
  • Spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’ — Dragon’s Blood Stonecrop
    Red margined green leaves become brilliantly red with cool fall temperatures. Deep red flowers contrast with green leaves in warm weather.
  • Spurium ‘John Creech’ — Green Creeping Stonecrop
    Green leaves with small clusters of mauve-pink flowers in summer. Tolerates poor soil if good drainage.
  • Spurium ‘Voodoo’ — Purple Creeping Stonecrop
    Deep mahogany-red leaves and rosy-red flowers in summer.
  • Cauticola ‘Lidakense’ — Creeping Stonecrop
    Alpine stonecrop. Low clump of rounded, blue-green leaves flushed with purple. Pink star shaped flowers.

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