Flowering Shrubs


  • Meyeri ‘Palibin’ — Dwarf Korean Lilac (purple-pink)
    Pale pink blooms. Fragrant flowers bloom profusely on this unusual dwarf variety. Excellent uniform habit.
  • Patula ‘Miss Kim’ — Miss Kim Lilac (pale pink)
    Pale pink blooms. A hardy fragrant lilac. Blooms when others have finished.
  • Penda ‘Bloomerang’ — Bloomerang Lilac (purple)
    Lilac blooms. Blooms twice, spring and late summer. Fragrant and can continue blooming until frost.
  • Prestoniae ‘Donald Wyman’ — Donald Wyman Preston Lilac (red-purple)
    Single reddish-purple bloom. Preston’s flower two weeks after Common Lilacs. Flowers mid June.
  • Prestoniae ‘James MacFarlane’ — James MacFarlane Preston Lilac (pink)
    Single pink blooms. Extremely hardy and adaptable shrub.
  • Prestoniae ‘Miss Canada’ — Miss Canada Preston Lilac (red-pink)
    Red-pink blooms. Dense upright panicles of lightly fragrant flowers in late spring. Green foliage turns yellow in fall.
  • Reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’ — Clump Clump Ivory Silk Lilac (white)
    Large shrub, with clean green leaves and fragrant white panicle flowers in late June.
  • Vulgaris — Common Lilac (lavender)
    Lavender bloom. This popular lilac blooms in June, fine for hedges and screens.


  • Beauty of Moscow (white)
    Double white blooms. Large heads of fragrant flowers with pearled lavender-tinted buds in late May.
  • Charles Joly (magenta)
    Magenta blooms. Shiny purple buds open into double, magenta fragrant flowers. Bluish-green foliage.
  • Sensation (purple-red)
    Purple-red blooms edged in white. Fragrant mid season bloomer with green leaves.

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