Flowering Shrubs


  • Bumalda ‘Dart’s Red’ — Dart’s Red Spirea
    Dwarf variety with rosy-pink flowers. New leaf growth is reddish-purple turning to green.
  • Japonica ‘Anthony Waterer’ — Anthony Waterer Spirea
    An indispensable dwarf shrub with broad heads of hot pink flowers in profusion in July. Great for borders.
  • Japonica ‘Flaming Mound’ — Flaming Mound Spirea
    Very low alpine spirea with bright yellow growth and red fall color.
  • Japonica ‘Goldflame’ — Gold Flame Spirea
    Dwarf shrub has yellow, bronzy-scarlet growth in spring turning to soft yellow-green in the summer. Copper-orange in fall.
  • Japonica ‘Little Princess’ — Little Princess Spirea
    A dwarf plant with attractive flowers, blooming in July-August. Suitable for rock gardens.
  • Japonica ‘Neon Flash’ — Neon Flash Spirea
    Bright red flowers stand out against dark green foliage. Long bloom time.
  • Japonica ‘Shirobana’ — Shirobana Spirea
    Low, upright, summer flowering spirea. Flat flower heads are a mix of white, pink and hot pink. Useful for edging or small spaces.
  • Japonica ‘Walbuma’ — Magic Carpet Spirea
    A compact mound with vibrant new red leaves. Small pink flowers contrast well with bright gold foliage that turns russet red in fall.
  • Nipponica ‘Snowmound’ — Snowmound Spirea
    Small, dense, rounded shrub. A graceful spirea covered in early summer with clusters of flowers.
  • x Arguta — Garland Spirea
    Masses of white flowers before green leaves appear in spring. Arching, vase shaped habit. Flowers on previous year’s wood.
  • x Arguta ‘Graciosa’ — Dwarf Garland Spirea
    Finely textured foliage and a cascade of white flowers in early June.
  • x ‘Goldmound’ — Gold Mound Spirea
    Bright gold foliage, pink flowers and low mounding form. Blooms June-July.
  • x Vanhouttei — Bridalwreath Spirea
    The graceful, pendulous branches of this very popular shrub has a mass of white flowers in June.

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