Flowering Shrubs


  • Alba ‘Bailhalo’ — Ivory Halo Dogwood
    A compact, variegated dogwood with dark red twigs that add winter interest.
  • Alba ‘Elegantissima’ — Silveredge Dogwood
    Variegated foliage has creamy-white margins on irregular leaves. Winter stems are purple-red with blue-white berries.
  • Alba ‘Minbat’ — NEW Baton Rouge Dogwood
    Electric red stems on a compact plant add incredible visual interest in the winter garden.
  • Alba ‘Sibirica’ — Red Twig Dogwood
    Stems are bright coral-red. Perhaps the best variety for winter color.
  • Alternifolia — Pagoda Dogwood
    zching creates tiered outline. White spring flowers followed by dark blue berries, red fall foliage and striped bark. A plant with four seasons of interest.
  • Sericea (stolonifera) — Red Osier Dogwood
    Vigorous growth rate and excellent for mass planting. Good red fall color.
  • Sericea ‘Bud’s Yellow’ — Bud’s Yellowtwig Dogwood
    Yellow-twig dogwood that prefers moist, well-drained soils. Rapid growth with dark green leaves.
  • Sericea ‘Farrow’ — Arctic Fire Dogwood
    Dwarf, non-suckering form with bright red twigs through winter and white flowers in summer followed by white berries attractive to birds. Great for mass planting.
  • Sericea ‘Kelsey’ — Kelsey Dwarf Dogwood
    Dwarf, low-growing form with white flowers and red twigs. Prefers moist soil.

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