• Canadensis – Eastern Hemlock
    Graceful, slow growing native evergreen. Fragrant foliage has a soft, fine texture.
  • Canadensis ‘Cole’s Prostrate’ – Cole’s Prostrate Hemlock
    Slow growing, dwarf prostrate form grown typically as a ground cover. Dark green needles and tolerant fo Black Walnut tree.
  • Canadensis ‘Jeddeloh’ – Jeddeloh Dwarf Hemlock
    Dwarf, spreading, mounded evergreen shrub with fine-textured, dark green needles. Center of plant is shorter than the perimeter, forming a funnel shaped depression.
  • Canadensis ‘Pendula’ – Sargent’s Weeping Hemlock
    A semi-globose spreading shrub, broader than high. Branches weeping green. Stacked and trained to develop height and character.

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