• Occidentalis — White Cedar
    Crown is conical, dense, layered and compact. Arching branches with a strong tapered trunk. Excellent as a hedging plant.
  • Occidentalis (bare root) — White Cedar
    Bare root native cedars, dug to order. Pre-payment required.
  • Occidentalis ‘Degroots Spire’ — Degroots Spire Cedar
    Pencil-thin, spire-like evergreen with a spiraling growth tendency. Hardy and adaptable with green, fine textured foliage.
  • Occidentalis ‘Fastigiata’ — Pyramidal Cedar
    Tall, slender and compact growth. The dense foliage is bright green becoming darker as the plant matures. Prune early in the season before new growth.
  • Occidentalis ‘Golden Globe’ — Golden Globe Cedar
    Dense, rounded ball-shape evergreen featuring showy, gold foliage all season.
  • Occidentalis ‘Holmstrup’ — Holmstrup Cedar
    Compact and shorter than Emerald Cedar. Dense, bright green foliage requires little pruning.
  • Occidentalis ‘Little Giant’ — Little Giant Globe Cedar
    Very tight and compact plant with vivid, dark green foliage. Great in small gardens.
  • Occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ — Emerald Cedar
    Bright, emerald green, dense, pyramidal cedar. Great as a specimen or in groupings. Grows about a foot a year.
  • Occidentalis ‘Woodwardii’ — Woodward’s Globe Cedar
    Round, bushy and compact plant that retains its round shape naturally. Reliable green color through winter.
  • Occidentalis ‘Yellow Ribbon’ — Yellow Ribbon Cedar
    Semi-dwarf, slow growing with yellowish-orange foliage in spring turning to medium green. Prefers well-drained soil.

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