• Mugo var. Pumilio — Dwarf Mugho Pine
    Dwarf, compact, dense shrub that is slow growing and hardy. Prune candles to keep tight and maintain dense habit.

  • Nigra — Austrian Pine
    Fast growing and strong tree with dark green needles. Pyramidal tree when young becoming flat topped when mature. Withstands city conditions.

  • Resinosa — Red Pine
    Native pine, grows best in well drained soil in full sun. Bark is red tinged. Somewhat intolerant of urban pollution.

  • Strobus — Eastern White Pine
    Ontario’s majestic provincial tree. Rapid grower that forms an open, conical shape. Very soft, flexible, blue-green needles. Displays wind-swept character as it ages.

  • Strobus ‘Fastigiata’ — Pyramidal White Pine
    Rapid growing evergreen with a narrow, upright columnar habit. Bluish green needles and light brown cones. Prefers fertile soil.

  • Strobus ‘Nana’ — Dwarf White Pine
    Rounded, dwarf white pine. Dense branching and soft foliage.

  • Strobus ‘Pendula’ — Weeping White Pine
    Weeping form of the white pine. Tends to have an upright habit with a unique twist to its shape.

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