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  • Nootka ‘Pendula’ Weeping — Nootka False Cypress
    Slow growing, with lighter green, gracefully draping foliage. A stately tree that develops gently swooping, horizontal branches that broaden out, becoming wider at the base.
  • Obtusa ‘Nana Gracilis’ — Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress
    Compact, slow growing, multi-stemmed evergreen. Shell-shaped sprays of dense rich dark green foliage. Prefers moist, fertile soil.
  • Pisifera filifera ‘Aurea Nana’ — Dwarf Golden Threadleaf False Cypress
    This variety is more compact than Golden Threadleaf and does not burn in full sun. Gold, thread-like leaves on drooping branches.
  • Pisifera filifera ‘Golden Mops’ — Golden Mops False Cypress
    A low, mounding form with brilliant gold foliage. Grow in full sun for best color.

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