Broadleaf Evergreens


  • ELEPIDOTE (large-leaved)
    Elepidotes are large leaved and do not have scales on the underside of the leaf. Plants can get very large in maturity in warmer climates.
  • Cunningham White (white)
    Pink buds open to white flowers with pale yellow center.
  • Nova Zembla (red)
    Large clusters of dark red flowers. Cold and heat tolerant.
  • LEPIDOTE (small-leaved)
    Lepitdotes have smaller leaves and are usually low growing or dwarfs. Tiny scales cover the undersides of the leaves and usually bloom earlier in the spring than large leaved.
  • PJM Compacta (lavender)
    The PJM series has a smaller growth habit and good winter hardiness. Compact, rounded, small leaved, evergreen shrub. Flowers bloom in clusters and foliage is leathery, dark green, turns purple in winter.

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